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St. Gianna Physician’s Guild

E-mail — [email protected] – tel. (888) 345-3343

Pilgrimage price per person $2,999.95 (double occupancy/2 persons sharing a room)

(plus airport tax $341.00 not included, subject to change)

Please fill in all areas of the “Application” and sign the “Terms and Conditions”.

Mail in and a copy will be sent with your receipt of deposit.



Name as it appears on passport:

_______________________________________________Male_____Female ___

Street Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Home Tel:________________________________

Work Tel:________________________________

Email Address:___________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: _____________________________

Place of Birth:

(City, State, Nation)___________________________________________


U S Passport #:_______________________________________

Expiration Date:___________________________


Foreign Passport # ________________Expiration Date__________ Alien Registration # (Green Card)__________

If you DO NOT have a passport at this time, please indicate, then provide to the tour operator/tour organizer with the passport info ASAP.

I wish to room with:___________________________________________

Private Accommodations or Single Room:________+ $400. Single Supplement Fee (Please add this amount)

$500.00 per person Deposit due with this application


St. Gianna Physician’s Guild PO Box 910308, San Diego, CA 92191

MasterCard / Visa – Please download and print PDF file for Credit Cards Info and follow the instructions.

$100 discount if paid by check and received by December 15, 2009.

First 50 Pilgrims registered by Jan 15

th. Balance in Full Due by February 26, 2010




Will you be taking “Travelers Insurance” ? YES / NO (please circle).

See www.csatravelpro.com Use Code 05904275 for more info. We highly recommend it to safeguard yourself.



A deposit of five hundred dollars ($500.00) is required at the time of booking. No reservation is confirmed until the deposit is received by the tour operator. The balance of the tour prices is due and payable sixty (60) days prior to departure. Final Payments due by February 26, 2010.

Minors and Infirm:

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a responsible adult deemed worthy by the parent/guardian. If a minor is traveling with any person other than parent/guardian then the responsible adult will provide the travel agent/tour operator and have in her/her possession a notarized letter from the parent/guardian giving that adult full permission to make decisions on their behalf and permission to room with the minor. No minor will be allowed to room alone without the parent/guardian or named responsible adult. Due to the physical demands of the tour and the inaccessibility of handicap facilities abroad, physically handicapped persons must contract the Tour Operator prior to registration.

Tour Price:

The tour price in this brochure is based upon the U.S. currency vs. the European Euro at the time of printing, November 1, 2009. If changes in these rates occur, it may change the price accordingly. The tour price is based on the booking a minimum of 40 paying passengers. A lesser amount could increase the price of the tour. Should the price of the tour change for any of the reasons mentioned above, the passenger will have the right to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of payment made to date, provided the written notice be received by St. Gianna Physician’s Guild within seven (7) days of the notification of the price change. Other wide the cancellations policy written below prevails. Airport Taxes which are NOT included in the “Complete” tour price of this trip are subject to change. No refund will be made if the passenger is dissatisfied with any of the accommodations, fails to use any of the accommodations included in the tour price, or must return home prior to the completion of the tour.


Land and Air arrangement may be canceled and passenger may receive a full refund less one hundred ($100) dollars cancellations fee if the cancellation is made no less than ninety-one (91) days prior to the scheduled departure date. If cancellation is made less than sixty-one days prior to scheduled departure, there is no refund unless a suitable replacement passenger books the tour in his/her place. For these reasons we recommend you take Travel Insurance.

Travel insurance:

Health, Accident, Trip Interruption/Cancellation and baggage insurance are NOT included and suggestions can be made available through your travel agent. Please go to www.cstravelpro.com/05904275 for more info.

Sightseeing & Itinerary:

Sightseeing is included as specified in the itinerary with English-speaking guides and customary entrance fees. The tour operator reserves the right to vary the sequence of the itinerary and/or reroute the order of cities, should circumstances arise.


A valid passport is required, and MUST be shown upon request to the travel agent/tour operator, tour leaders and any airline personal and customs and /or government officials.


St. Gianna Physician’s Guild, your tour operator, has arranged a tour/vacation/pilgrimage package which includes air and land transportation, hotel accommodations and food service. Neither the tour operator nor the organizers own, operate, manage, or control any hotel, bus company, railroad, cruise line, service provider, restaurant, airline transportation company, person or persons rendering any of the services, and/or accommodations offered in connection with this tour. The tour operator and/or tour organization do not guaranty any passenger’s safety who participates in the tour. Accordingly, the passenger understands that he or she has no claim against the tour operator or organizers for any delay, or other irregularity cause by a third party service provider, damage to or loss of property, injury to or death of the person due to any action or failure to act by the air carrier, bus carrier, private cars, to or loss of property, injury to or death of the person due to any action or failure to act by the air carrier, bus carries, private card, livery carries, railroad, shops, hotels, restaurants and any service providers in connection with this tour, strikes, war, or any acts of God. Under these circumstances, no portion of the tour prie will be refunded.

It is advisable that you cover any potential risks with insurance coverage.

Cancellation of Passsenger’s Rights:

In an effort to make the tour pleasant for all, the tour operator reserves the right to: 1) cancel any reservation and refund the tour price, pursuant to the cancellation clause, of any passenger who acts irrational by words, actions and demeanor, prior to the tour departure; 2) refuse further participation in the tour once the tour begins, with no refund given, to passengers who: act unruly, irrational, unduly argumentative, incite trouble among passengers, endanger the health and /or safety of the other passengers, tour operator, tour organizer, and/or tour escort, or if they become physically or emotionally disable and create a burden that the remaining passengers are unwilling to accept. No tour passenger, tour operator, tour organizer, tour escort, will be obligated to assist any infirm, handicapped or injured passenger.


All hotel taxes, service charges, First Class Superior Hotels, Comprehensive sightseeing as per itinerary, English Speaking guides, All baggage handling and assistance abroad (except in airports for security reasons), Breakfast, lunches and dinners (including in flight meals) as per itinerary.


Passport and visa fees, tips for tour escorts, drivers, guides, food service personal, phone calls, laundry services and other items of personal nature. Rates do NOT include beverages at meals unless specified in the itinerary. Rates do not include transportation to and from US airports or luggage handling in the United States or foreign airports.

Physical and Emotional Limitations:

The tour operator cannot be held responsible for any part of the tour missed due to physical or emotion imitations. Anyone who cannot participate in an event will not receive a refund for any unused portion. Further, if anyone must stop or return to a hotel or motor coach during a tour, and uses public transportation or taxis, it will be their responsibility to pay for the transportation.


Any Litigation concerning this tour shall be brought in the State of California. This agreement shall be construed according to California and Federal Law. The tour operator shall not be responsible for any typographical errors or misprints. The tour operator reserves the right to substitute in its discretion any air, land, and sea carrier, hotels, and service providers and itinerary.

I have read terms and conditions of the tour and accept them. I represent I am physically and emotionally able to meet the physical demands required by this tour.




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