Bishop Fernandez on Large Families

Bishop Fernandez lauds large families as sign of hope amidst a culture of death Madrid,
Sep 16, 2008 - 04:41 pm (CNA)

Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Tarazona said this week that amidst a culture of death in Spain that promotes abortion and genetic manipulation, large families open to life are a sig of hope for a new and better future.

In a pastoral letter, the Spanish bishop warned of the loss of the sense of evil among Spaniards and noted that “officials do not support even one social initiative that aims to help women who want to be mothers. They provide everything to help women who want to abort and kill the babies in their wombs. There is no equal opportunity. Those who want to kill receive more attention than those who choose life.”

After mentioning some tendencies of Spanish society that promote sexual license and in vitro fertilization, Bishop Fernandez said, “Despite all of the good they say this will do, we are heading towards the destruction of this society. Whatever does not produce life but death contributes to this destruction.” “For someone who doesn’t believe in God or in eternal life, another child is a hindrance to happiness” and is seen as something “dangerous” that “must be avoided at all costs,” the bishop said.

“A society that abandons God and turns against man self-destructs. A society that is with God understands and appreciates man not as a threat but as a brother,” he added. Bishop Fernandez also pointed to parishes, groups, movements and communities living “in keeping with gospel” as sources of abundant life.

“When all of these lights come together, they become a powerful focal point that helps us understand everything in a different way, God’s way,” he said. “Millions of young people have already discovered this light. That is our hope. It is wonderful. They will change this decrepit situation into a new springtime. Let us thank God for that,” the bishop said.



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